Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their studies, graduates of the Postgraduate Program:

  • Will possess advanced, interdisciplinary knowledge of the modern Mediterranean region in relation to its political systems, international relations, cultural diversity, and socio-economic conditions.
  • Will have a solid and comprehensive methodological, theoretical and empirical knowledge basis to work individually or in team in order to investigate, analyze and solve problems, particularly with regard to the design and implementation of policies in the Mediterranean region.
  • Will be able to draw on academic theories, analytical concepts, and historical experience to critically assess policies and policy prescriptions for the region promoted by public agencies, non-governmental organizations and international organisations.
  • Will be able to conduct professional-level research, articulate tenable arguments, and present original findings and viewpoints concerning developments in the region.
  • Will be able to prepare and carry out work plans/research and take responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Will be able to assume administrative duties in their field of expertise and deal with any upcoming problems, either individually or collectively.